The Messthetics – “Better Wings”

The former Fugazi rhythm section lives on. Last year, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty, previously known as one half of the greatest band in the history of American underground rock, announced a new project. They’d formed the Messthetics, a new instrumental power trio that also featured the jazz-rock guitar virtuoso Anthony Pirog. And they released their self-titled debut album. Now they’re coming back with a second LP a little more than a year later.

Later this summer, the Messthetics will release Anthropocosmic Nest, the new album that they recorded in their practice space over the course of 2019. While the second album is coming pretty quickly after the first one, it presents a different version of the band. The Messthetics recorded their debut after only playing a handful of shows together. But they’ve been on the road steadily since them, so this new LP should help capture some sense of their live dynamic.

We can hear some of that at work in first single and album opener “Better Wings.” The song’s groove isn’t too far removed from the meditative turbulence that Lally and Canty worked up with Fugazi, and Pirog just solos triumphantly throughout, shooting fire from his eyes. Listen below.

Anthropocosmic Nest is out 9/6 on Dischord.