Chastity Belt – “Ann’s Jam” Video

Chastity Belt – “Ann’s Jam” Video

Since Chastity Belt put out their last album, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, in 2017, the members of the Seattle group involved themselves with other projects — lead vocalist Julia Shapiro released a solo album and an album as part of the trio Who Is She? — and the band took a little time off from feeling like a band.

“So much of the break was reminding ourselves to stay present, and giving ourselves permission to stop without saying when were gonna meet up again,” guitarist Lydia Lund said in a press release. “It was so important to have that—not saying, ‘we’re gonna get back together at this point,’ but really just open it up so we could get back to our present connection.”

But the four of them have ended up regrouping for another album, which was co-produced by Jay Som’s Melina Duterte. The record is self-titled and it’ll be out in September. Its lead single, “Ann’s Jam,” is slow and meditative. It’s about recapturing an old feeling, a deadened spark that will inevitably come back to life.

Watch a video for “Ann’s Jam” below.

01 “Ann’s Jam”
02 “Elena”
03 “Effort”
04 “Rav-4″
05 “It Takes Time”
06 “Apart”
07 “Half-hearted”
08 “Split”
09 “Drown”
10 “Pissed Pants”

Chastity Belt is out 9/20 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

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