The Avalanches’ Remix Of New Purple Mountains Single Held Up By Licensing Issue

David Berman has given a few rare interviews in anticipation of his first album in ten years with his new Purple Mountains project. He sat down with the Washington Post last month to discuss his infamous father, the end of Silver Jews, and scrapped projects with HBO and Jeff Tweedy. In a recent interview with Aquarium Drunkard, he called out critics for enabling bad Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen records. Today, American Songwriter published their own Berman interview, in which the legendary indie artist talks about the Avalanches’ unreleased Purple Mountains remix and takes another jab at Bruce Springsteen.

Berman commissioned several remixes of the Purple Mountains lead single “All My Happiness Is Gone,” including Noah Count’s “All My Happiness is Wrong” and Silver Jews collaborator Mark Nevers’ “All My Happiness is Long.” Apparently, Australian electronic outfit the Avalanches also remixed the track, but a licensing issue prevented their version from being released. Back in 2012, Berman worked with the Avalanches on “A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Berman doubles down on his previous Bruce Springsteen comments: “Whenever a Bruce Springsteen album comes out, you’re always told it’s a return to form; it never is.”

It is unclear if we’ll ever hear the Avalanches’ “All My Happiness Is Gone” remix. It is clear, however, that David Berman will not be commissioning a Bruce Springsteen remix.