Portrayal Of Guilt – “Scarcity”

The Texan band Portrayal Of Guilt make a charged, unstable, guttural form of screamo — one that draws on grindcore and power violence, rather than on the big-tent Warped Tour music of the mid-’00s. Late last year, the band released the furious, convulsive debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide, and it fucking ruled. Since then, Portrayal Of Guilt have been touring relentlessly, and keyboardist Rick Flores has released a dark, ominous instrumental electronic EP under his Capture & Exploit alter-ego. But the band’s not slowing down, and they’ve got a new EP called Suffering Is A Gift coming out next month.

Suffering Is A Gift features six new songs. “Scarcity,” the first one they’ve shared, is as raw and brutal as anything on Let Pain Be Your Guide. The song starts out as pure mouth-foaming underground metal before suddenly locking into a huge, expressionistic groove. It gets a whole lot done in less than three minutes. That breakdown is going to cause serious havoc at live shows.

The Suffering Is A Gift vinyl is being limited to 200 copies, and it seems like it’ll make for a cool artifact: Glow-in-the-dark green vinyl with an etched B-side. Listen to “Scarcity” below.

The Suffering Is A Gift EP is out 8/30 on Closed Casket Activities.