Watch Weyes Blood Make Her TV Debut On Seth Meyers

Sometimes, when indie artists make their big debuts on late-night talk shows, they look cowed or overmatched — like they’re not sure what they’re doing there and not sure how they should respond to this new situation. That was not the case for Weyes Blood last night. Natalie Mering’s sharp, sophisticated pop project released the impressive album Titanic Rising a couple of months ago. Last night, she gave her first-ever TV performance while guesting on Late Night With Seth Meyers. And she looked like she was born to do it.

Mering sang “Everyday,” one of the sharpest and most immediately likable songs from Titanic Rising. Her voice was smooth and controlled, and her backing band — which seemed to include both Brian and Michael D’Addario, the two brothers from the Lemon Twigs — made the song sound as full and as layered as it does on record. That can’t be an easy sound to nail live, especially if you’re doing it in a TV studio for the first time. They nailed it.

Just as importantly, Mering looked like she belonged on TV. She made eye contact with the camera. She had an artfully lit stage, with Mering standing alone in the glare while her bandmates were in deep shadow. She wore a bright-white pantsuit, which made her stand out even more. And she gave off the impression that she was completely at ease, that she could do this every night. Watch the performance below.

Titanic Rising is out now on Sub Pop. Read our feature on Weyes Blood here.