Russian Baths – “Tracks”

Russian Baths have been recording hypnotic, chaotic noise rock since 2016. We even premiered their first-ever single, “Ambulance,” back in the day. Now, the Brooklyn band are gearing up to release their debut full-length album soon, and we’re premiering one of its new singles. “Tracks” is filled with raucous energy, tamed by falsetto and harmony. The album will also include previously released tracks like “Parasite” and “Ambulance.”

Vocalist and guitarist Luke Koz expands on the song’s meaning in a statement: “If a friend takes something very personal, very private from you, do you forgive them? If you see someone’s worst self, how do you react? Would you choose yourself to be yourself? Is self respect something you feel because you’re good or does self respect make you good?”

Listen to “Tracks” below.

01 “Responder”
02 “Parasite”
03 “Tracks”
04 “Scrub It”
05 “Ghost”
06 “Detergent”
07 “Ambulance”
08 “Wrong”
09 “Tremble”
10 “Guts”

Russian Baths’ new album is out early November.