Watch Spoon Play “No Bullets Spent” & A Whole Greatest-Hits Set On Kimmel

These days, greatest-hits albums are an endangered species. Streaming services regularly put together and update their own introduction-to-whoever playlists, and it’s easier than ever before to just curate your own set of favorites. But Spoon are an old-school type of band, and if any indie-rock band deserves a full-on best-of collection, it’s them. Next week, Spoon release Everything Hits At Once, their new greatest-hits joint. And last night, they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made the case of why they should have a greatest-hits album in the first place.

The one new song on the greatest-hits album is a time-honored tradition, and Spoon upheld it last night, performing the spiky new single “No Bullets Spent” on the Kimmel show itself. But Kimmel sometimes also hosts longer sets from artists, and Spoon did that last night, too. Off the air, they played an all-killer, no-filler bonus set: 25 minutes, six song, all bangers. They did “Inside Out,” “I Turn My Camera On,” “Don’t You Evah,” “Do You,” “The Underdog,” and “Rent I Pay.” If you were ever at a Spoon show and they did those six back-to-back, you’d lose your fucking mind.

Spoon, of course, continue to make it look easy. They are masters of the slickly casual live performance, looking like unrealistically attractive office workers blowing off steam on a Friday afternoon. And they kept a late-night audience — one presumably full of people who don’t know anything about Spoon — loud and engaged. Watch the whole thing below.

Everything Hits At Once is out 7/26 on Matador.

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