Jeff Rosenstock – “Monday At The Beach”

Jeff Rosenstock has shared a new minute-long song called “Monday At The Beach.” For anyone that’s familiar with Rosenstock’s work as Bomb The Music Industry! and under his own name, the New York musician can do a hell of a lot with just a little bit, and “Monday At The Beach” puts his skills to good use.

It’s mostly a deliriously excited song about contemplating the possibilities of blowing everything off and trekking to the beach on a Monday, which feels truly luxurious, but Rosenstock acknowledges the realities of an inevitably long train ride and potentially bad weather while still sounding like it’s the most joyous situation imaginable.

Check out an MP3 of the song here.

Rosenstock’s most recent album was 2018’s POST-. He also put out an Antarctigo Vespucci album with Chris Farren last year.