Ghost Orchard – “Bunny”

Ghost Orchard – “Bunny”

Last month, Ghost Orchard announced his new album, Bunny. We’ve heard two songs that’ll appear on it so far — “Station” and “Balloon” — and today he’s sharing its title track, an intoxicating blend of scratchy acoustics, wriggling beats, and mumbled vocals that manages to sound like momentary freedom and blue skies.

Hall had this to say about the track in a statement:

bunny serves as the title track for a few reasons. to me, it kind of showcases everything the record has in store for a listener. it was one of the first ones i had finished when i was kind of figuring out the direction i wanted to take for this release and pulls from all of the influences for it while also pulling from my past releases. frank, sam ray, aphex twin, brockhampton- it’s all kind of there if you’re looking for it.

‘bunny’ is also the nickname my partner calls me and the song kind of chronicles our start and the feeling of coming into adulthood and not really knowing what the hell you’re doing. no one really tells you that growing up is hard. i’ll leave the rest up to the listener because i don’t want to say to much, but the song means a lot to me.

Listen below.

Bunny is out 8/23 via Orchid Tapes. Pre-order it here.

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