Ghost Orchard – “Station”

Sam Hall has been making warped bedroom pop songs as Ghost Orchard for a bit now — his last album was 2016’s bliss. In a couple months, the Grand Rapids, MI-based artist will be releasing a new album, Bunny. He previewed it a little while back with “Balloon,” and today he’s officially announced the album alongside a new track called “Station.” It’s fluttering and transportive, a swirl of beats and plucky guitar and strings that feels like a cocoon. “Don’t you remember when we’d stay up all night/ Talk on the phone late, all night,” Hall sings, his voice mumbled and harkening back to a time when things were simpler.

“‘station’ to me tried to capture the earliest urgencies of falling in love from a perspective of someone looking back at it. It talks about a trip i went on with my partner to Chicago, taking a Megabus there and the train back, which i had never done before, and kind of the excitement of it all. Yearning to see someone the moment you leave their side,” Hall explains in a statement. “I wrote the song last summer in my smoldering hot bedroom in an hour or so, with the strings being recorded later by my friend Willem. It was the last song to be recorded that ended up on the record and was inspired a lot by Dijon and other friends.”

Listen below.

01 “Witness”
02 “Swan”
03 “Bunny”
04 “Guess”
05 “Only”
06 “Carousel”
07 “Sheesh”
08 “First Time”
09 “Balloon”
10 “Station”
11 “Puppy”
12 “Frog”
13 “Ride”
14 “Honeymoon”

Bunny is out in August via Orchid Tapes. Pre-order it here.