Elvis Depressedly – “Jane, Don’t You Know Me?”

It’s been four years since the last Elvis Depressedly full-length, 2015’s New Alhambra, but there’s been no lack of new music from Mat Cothran. He’s released two solo albums in that time, 2017’s Judas Hung Himself In America and last year’s My First Love Mends My Final Days, and he’s wrapped up his Coma Cinema project with Lost Memory. But now the North Carolina-based musician is returning to his Elvis Depressedly moniker this year with a new album called Depressedelica.

“I wanted to experiment and try new things and do weird shit and fail,” Cothran said in a press release. “Everybody’s so scared to fail these days because everybody’s trying to keep up with everybody else on social media, but I just reached this point where I realized that none of it mattered. I’m not trying to pretend I’m too cool to care — I genuinely hope people love the music I’m making — but ultimately all that I wanted to do was make something that I loved, and there was real freedom in that.”

Depressedelica’s first single is “Jane, Don’t You Know Me?,” which wraps guitars around pitch-shifted vocals, a drum machine, and a persistent barking. There’s a sense of well-worn history, of disappointment and regret and a heavy weight. “I am tangled up in our past/ I am falling off the wagon,” Cothran sings. “On and off the wagon, crazy for you.”

Listen below.

Depressedelica is out 10/4 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.