Yeesh – “Victory Lap”

The mathy, talky, immensely engaging Chicago indie band Yeesh broke up in 2017, but before that, they recorded one last album that has yet to see release. That’s about to change. Yeesh’s swan song Saw You Up There is coming out next week, and to whet your appetite the trio has shared its closing track, the fittingly titled “Victory Lap.”

Saw You Up There is Yeesh’s third album, preceded by 2015 debut No Problem and 2016’s Confirmation Bias, for which they leveled up to Tiny Engines. They remind me of a lot of the post-hardcore stuff that was popping around the turn of the century — a little bit Dismemberment Plan, a little bit Detachment Kit. And on the warm yet prickly “Victory Lap,” they find the common ground between the Constantines and the Hold Steady. It’s real good shit.

Perversely, “Victory Lap” is a song about the ambivalence that sets in when you realize you’re completely washed. The final lyrics are both cleverly meta and self-deprecating coming from a band who: “Circle back and take that victory lap/ The race is run, but you won’t get off the track/ From the top boys, let’s do this again.” Seriously though, yes, let’s. Listen below.

Saw You Up There is out 8/16. Pre-order it here.

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