Nothing’s Domenic Palermo Covers Silver Jews’ “We Are Real”

Yesterday we received the tragic news that David Berman died yesterday at 52. An outpouring of remembrances and tributes have followed for the musician and poet that was behind Silver Jews and Purple Mountains.

Domenic Palermo, the leader of the Philadelphia shoegaze band Nothing, has opted to share a cover that he recorded of Silver Jews’ “We Are Real,” off the band’s 1998 classic American Water.

“American Water was my gateway to David Berman and Silver Jews. I obsessed over that album and anything else I could find with David’s name,” Palermo wrote in a statement accompanying his cover. “I originally recorded this song in the winter of 2016 in my first NYC apartment, but after hearing of his passing last night I decided to finish. David’s music and words have forever left a brand on my soul. May the world not forget him anytime soon.”

Listen below.