vōx – “I Can Feel Myself Leaning”

Under the name vōx, multi-medium artist Sarah Winters will be releasing her debut EP on Arts & Crafts this fall. The moniker vōx, the Latin word for “voice,” is actually pronounced “wokes.” The LA-based singer, producer, and visual artist released a supremely good song a couple months ago called “I Am Not A God.” Today we get to hear another single, “I Can Feel Myself Leaning.”

This new project serves as a follow up to her 2017 EP I Was Born, and there’s a palpable sense of development between that and the newer songs. While her EP was icy in the synth department, this new track has an effervescent and warm bubbliness to it. Her voice is slightly manipulated and wavering at certain moments, and the result in conjunction with the rising ad-libs feels spiritual. A swelling synth gives way to a moseying trap beat, feeling like a brilliant reevaluation on the melancholic pop-trap fusion taking over right now a la Billie Eilish.

Here’s what vōx had to say about the upcoming project as a whole in a press release:

I grew up deeply religious. This project has uncovered all the ways those ideas I was taught fucked with my self worth and thus my ability to stand up for myself and my body. I really want to create a safe space for anyone who feels shame in their humanity and imperfection to begin unpacking and start healing. That’s what making this music has started for me.

Listen to “I Can Feel Myself Leaning” below, as well as vōx’s previous single “I Am Not A God.”

vōx’s EP is due out this fall on Arts & Crafts.

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