Zonal – “System Error” (Feat. Moor Mother)

Zonal is the new duo of Godflesh/Jesu post-metal mastermind Justin K. Broadrick and electronic producer Kevin Martin, better known as the Bug. They used to record together under the name Techno Animal, and they recently unveiled their latest project by sharing three new songs, one of which featured the experimental Philadelphia MC Moor Mother.

Zonal and Moor Mother have been playing some festival sets together lately, and it seems the collaboration isn’t stopping there. Today, Zonal are officially announcing their debut album Wrecked, and six of its 12 tracks feature vocals from Moor Mother. That includes the noisy, ominous new industrial hip-hop track “System Error,” which you can hear below.

01 “Intro – Body Of Wire” (Feat. Moor Mother)
02 “In A Cage (Feat. Moor Mother)
03 “System Error” (Feat. Moor Mother)
04 “Medulla” (Feat. Moor Mother)
05 “Catalyst” (Feat. Moor Mother)
06 “No Investigation” (Feat. Moor Mother)
07 “Wrecked”
08 “Debris”
09 “Black Hole Orbit”
10 “S.O.S.”
11 “Alien Within”
12 “Stargazer”

Wrecked is out 9/20 via Relapse. Pre-order it here.