Taylor Swift Removes “Spelling Is Fun” Part From “ME!”

Of all the ways lead single “ME!” raised concerns that Taylor Swift’s Lover would be infantile pap, the most egregious was the moment between the second chorus and the bridge, about 1:55 into the song. This is the moment when Swift and duet partner Brendon Urie perform a Schoolhouse Rock alley oop of sorts: He shouts, “Hey kids,” to which she replies, “Spelling is fun!” Apparently Swift has realized how much those five words degrade the song because she seems to have erased them.

Taylor's Master Plan
Swift confirms she intends to re-record her songs to devalue her old masters, now owned by Scooter Braun.

As Uproxx points out, Swift has taken a page from her rival-turned-friend-turned-rival Kanye West by altering her song after its release. The version of “ME!” on iTunes and Apple Music no longer includes the “spelling is fun” part. It’s still in the music video on YouTube; I can’t imagine she’d give up 255 million views by starting over with a new upload. At press time, the song remains the same on Spotify as well, but on that platform it’s still only available as a single, so I suspect that also has to do with play counts. Bet money that the album version of “ME!” will be this new edit when Lover drops this Friday.

Apple Music users can hear the newly edited “ME!” below.

Lover is out 8/23 on Republic.