Guerilla Toss – “Plants”

Guerilla Toss – “Plants”

Guerilla Toss have been releasing new music at a consistent pace for the last few years — their last full-length, Twisted Crystal, arrived last fall — and, just like clockwork, the band are back with a new EP that’ll come out this fall called What Would The Odd Do?

It’s being billed as the band’s most personal work yet, written after an opiate addiction that required lead singer Kassie Carlson to undergo open heart surgery to remove a blood clot, and this collection of songs finds Carlson writing songs more directly about getting clean and the horrors of addiction. In a statement, she writes:

Only recently have I really begun to open up about everything that’s happened to me in the last few years. These songs mean a lot to me; anyone in recovery knows that going through an opiate addiction and beating it is a big deal. I am living proof that it can happen to anyone. I’ve always written abstract lyrics that have eluded to my personal struggles, but this time I try to provide context to my metaphors and allegories. In this way, I hope to help other people who are struggling, and anything else that is a result of a corroded society that has left so many people in the dust – especially women. Drugs are such a dude-associated thing, which has made it even harder for me to talk about. I felt gross, other-ed, and alone. I didn’t think anyone would be able to understand or relate. Experiencing severe trauma as a child creates different parameters for normalcy, and inclusion. Statistically, women are more likely to hide addiction and keep feelings inside, making it potentially much more festering and toxic. Drugs affect people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, class or gender. Addiction hits us all, and it hits hard.

The album’s lead single is “Plants,” a soaring disco expanse that feels like being trapped inside your own mind. “No one hears me,” Carlson wails on top of the track’s persistent thrum. Listen to it below.

01 “What Would The Odd Do?”
02 “Plants”
03 “Future Doesn’t Know”
04 “Moth Like Me”
05 “Land Where Money’s Nightmare Lives”

The What Would The Odd Do? EP is out 11/15 via NNA Tapes.

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