Kingdom – “Exterra” (Feat. Ms. Boogie)

Over the past decade, the Brooklyn-reared and LA-based dance producer Kingdom has been a quietly important force within dance music, R&B, and the various places where those two things intersect. Kingdom founded the Fade To Mind label, a perennial force in forward-thinking dance music; artists like Kelela, D∆WN, Nguzunguzu, and Fatima Al Qadiri put out formative works on that label. Two years ago, Kingdom worked with artists like SZA and Syd on his Tears In The Club album. And later this week, Kingdom will release the new EP EXTERRA (Vol. 1), which promises to include at least a couple of bangers. This morning, he’s shared one.

The new track “Exterra” is a real monster, a skittering and strobing piece of mutant house music with vocals from the Brooklyn club-rapper Ms. Boogie. It’s actually the second single form EXTERRA (Vol. 1); there’s also a video for “High Enough,” a slinky track that features the R&B singer Tiara Thomas. Below, check out “Exterra” and the “High Enough” video.

In a press release, Kingdom says this about “Exterra”:

Ms. Boogie and I actually met at the very first party I threw in Brooklyn back in 2009. She was only 17, and it was at an illegal space that didn’t have security, so she and her friends slipped in easily. She’s blossomed into such a force to be reckoned with since then. I love how her presence on the track is commanding and sweet at the same time.

EXTERRA (Vol. 1) is out 8/28 on Fade To Mind. Another volume is coming later this year.