Stream Kingdom Tears In The Club

Los Angeles producer Ezra Rubin, bka Kingdom, has finally given us a peek at his debut full-length Tears In The Club. The LP features cherished names SZA and Syd Tha Kid, as well as some fresh faces, Shacar and Najee Daniels. Only a handful of songs include vocals as industrial claps and slithering hi-hats weave around the vocalists’ runs and haunting coos. The languid rhythms and percussive elements intertwine with the dejection of some of the lyrical content. “I bleed, I bleed, I bleed/ All of this pain in my veins you don’t see,” Shacar cries with shallow breaths, appropriately so, on “Breathless.” SZA inhabits a less devastating mindset. She sings, “You keep sneaking on my mind/ Keep messing up my head when I speak,” as she continues later on in the chorus pondering, “What is love?”

Tears is a cohesive collection of tracks that embody the ennui of club life, featuring invigorating melodies that, well, make you want to dance. It’s a contemplative, angular debut packed with a range of slow-churning delicacies. Stream it below via NPR.

Tears In The Club is officially out on 2/24. Pre-order here.