Ric Wilson – “No Hands” Video

Chicago disco-rapper Ric Wilson will play Stereogum’s party this Thursday at Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh. He was scheduled to perform at Governors Ball in New York this year, too, but his set got rained out, which brings us to his new video for the Madeon and Lido production “No Hands.” “Me and Josh [Charow] got together to make this project and the rain fucked up the whole Sunday lineup schedule so we decided to tell another story,” Wilson said in a statement.

The song centers on a slippery synth melody. Grounded by a trap-like kick drum accented by piano chords, the track is precisely playful, especially when the trumpets come in towards the end to take the vibe sky-high. Directors Henry DaCosta and Josh Charow’s video starts out with a really sick monologue about growing up in Chicago and making it big in New York. Gorgeous shots of the Manhattan skyline serve as a backdrop for hopeful scenes of Wilson’s Gov Ball soundcheck, a sentiment altered but not overcome by the inclement weather.

“I feel like artists need to realize that bad things happen, and sometimes they’re not your fault,” Wilson says during a mid-video monologue. “And I think the most important thing is how you respond to those bad things.” He and his team responded by making a pretty good music video. Watch below.