Stream Portrayal Of Guilt & Soft Kill’s New Split

Stream Portrayal Of Guilt & Soft Kill’s New Split

Just a few days ago, the Texan ragers Portrayal Of Guilt released the new EP Suffering Is A Gift, their follow-up to the landmark 2018 debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide. And today, they’ve already got something new for us. Portrayal Of Guilt now have a new song, “Sacrificial Rite,” on a new split that they’ve released with the dreamy, gothy Portland band Soft Kill.

We at Stereogum have not posted about Soft Kill since they released their debut album eight years ago, so let’s catch you up. Soft Kill started out as the new band from former Blessure Grave leader Toby Grave. They’ve released four albums since 2011 — their most recent is 2018’s Savior, and it’s about some very serious trauma. Soft Kill’s new song “Tin Foil Drip” is a spacey six-minute dream-pop jam that carries little bits and pieces of shoegaze, synthpop, and Disintegration-era Cure in its DNA.

By contrast, the Portrayal Of Guilt song “Sacrificial Rite” is two minutes — long for them, short for anyone else — and it moves from all-out grindcore brutality to dynamic, emotionally intense clangor and back again. Check out the new tracks from both Portrayal Of Guilt and Soft Kill below.

The Portrayal Of Guilt/Soft Kill split is out now on Closed Casket Activities.

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