Lil Nas X – “Panini” Video

Now that “Old Town Road” has finished its near-endless, record-disemboweling run at #1, Lil Nas X is reminding the world that he has some other songs, too. Case in point: Lil Nas X released the 7 EP back in June, and today, he’s unveiled his video for “Panini,” its other single.

The “Panini” clip takes place in a Blade Runner-esque futuristic cityscape, one where it’s always night and neon lights are always bleeding into the fog. This time around, the twist is that Lil Nas X is a completely inescapable figure — one who shows up on hologram billboards, dancing with choreographed robots in back-alleys, making sure his smiling face will always be in your field of vision. Skai Jackson, a star of the Disney Channel series Bunk’d, is a young woman who would really, really like to stop encountering Lil Nas X. Maybe you can relate!

Mike Diva directed the video, and it works as a sort of parody of what it’s like to have a song that’s suddenly inescapable, and for what it’s like when other people have to deal with that omnipresence. But the whole Blade Runner thing also means the video can have so much product placement without interrupting its own flow. Watch it below.

7 is out now on Columbia.