Halsey – “Graveyard” Video

Over the past couple of years, Halsey has been solidifying her position as a dominant pop star, and she’s been doing it without going the traditional route of releasing an actual album. Halsey’s last album was 2017’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and since then, she’s been a singles star and a prolific collaborator, releasing songs one by one. It’s working. Earlier this year, Halsey hit #1 with the grand breakup howler “Without Me” — the first time she’s topped the charts without the assistance of the Chainsmokers. She also entered the vaunted realm of people who can serve as both host and musical guest of SNL. But now she’s ready to announce a new album, and it’s being positioned as a huge deal.

Halsey’s new album Manic won’t come out until early next year, but she’s already got pre-order bundle deals up for it. This morning, Halsey has shared the album’s cover, and she’s also dropped a new single called “Graveyard.” In the accompanying video, we see time-lapse footage of Halsey painting the Manic cover art — a stark self-portrait of Halsey with a black eye and a determined expression.

“Graveyard,” which Halsey has been teasing for a while, is a strong pop song about depression and co-dependence. Halsey, like her recent collaborator and fellow circa-now pop dominator Post Malone, can sing about stark internal stuff and still make the songs sound like they belong in an arena. She can also seem weird and personal while still very much existing within the pop machine. “Graveyard” has seven different songwriters credited, including Halsey and Louis Bell, the young Massachusetts hit-machine who is currently emerging as the new Max Martin. You can hear it below.

Manic is out 1/17/20. You can check out all the associated merch-bundle packages here.

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