Fern Mayo – “Moonwater”

If the coo that works itself through “Moonwater” sounds a little familiar, it might be because a similar one pops up toward the end of Fern Mayo’s last single, “Echo.” It’s a sort of sonic mirror (an echo, if you will), one that threads the two tracks together. Where it was previously one part of a glittery explosion, here it’s all on its own, hypnotically mournful as a memory dissipates into a stream.

“Strumming my favorite chord in a bedroom with four windows and a white chest of drawers,” Katie Capri sings, her voice like liquid and hard to pick out. “I remember it, the way you held me/ I’ll never sleep like that again.” It’s the second single from Fern Mayo’s upcoming sophomore album, Week Of Charm. Listen to it below.

“Moonwater” is out now. Week Of Charm is out 11/8.

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