CUP (Nels Cline & Yuka C. Honda) – “Spinning Creature”

CUP (Nels Cline & Yuka C. Honda) – “Spinning Creature”

Nels Cline, avant-garde guitar wizard and longtime Wilco member, is married to Yuka C. Honda, formerly the co-leader of the downtown New York ’90s-vintage cool-kid crew Cibo Matto. This past summer, Cline and Honda let the world know that they’d teamed up to form a new duo called CUP, and they shared “Soon Will Be Flood,” their first song together. Today, the duo have announced that they’ll release their debut album Spinning Creature this fall.

Cline and Honda spent three days recording Spinning Creature in Brooklyn. They’ve got a whole process: They improvise in the studio together, and then Honda takes the sounds home, mixes them, and transforms them into songs. You can hear a bit of that in the album’s title track, which has some way-out noises but which sounds like it’s been finely sculpted into a bubbly, comforting piece of laid-back quasi-pop.

Cline and Honda sound great harmonizing together on their wistful ba-ba-ba vocals, and Cline’s circular guitars pair nicely with Honda’s keyboard bloops. The track makes for a nicely off-kilter piece of bedroom-pop from two people who have been making accessible-but-experimental music for decades. Below, listen to “Spinning Creature” and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Every Moment”
02 “Berries”
03 “Don’t Move”
04 “Soon Will Be Flood”
05 “Spinning Creature”
06 “Tokyo Night”
07 “As Close As That”

Spinning Creature is out 11/1 on Northern Spy.

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