Watch Wilco Play “Everyone Hides” On Colbert

Last night was a big one for current late-night king Stephen Colbert. God knows the weekend gave him plenty of Trump-related stuff to talk about. And Colbert had some big-name guests, too: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. And Colbert also got to welcome his old buddies Wilco. The man must’ve been in his happy place.

Stephen Colbert and Wilco go back many, many years. Way back when he was still doing The Colbert Report on Comedy Central more than a decade ago, Colbert regularly welcomed Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. Over the years, Tweedy and his band have been on Colbert’s CBS Late Show many times. Later this week, Wilco will release their new album Ode To Joy. So you know they had to do Colbert again.

Wilco are nothing if not dependable, and that’s what they were on last night’s show. They played “Everyone Hides,” the elegantly chugging Ode To Joy single. And they seemed totally relaxed, as if they were playing a mid-sized Cedar Rapids theater on a Friday night. Watch the performance below.

Ode To Joy is out 10/4 on Wilco’s label dBpm.