A New Chromatics Album Is Out At Midnight — But Not Dear Tommy

A New Chromatics Album Is Out At Midnight — But Not Dear Tommy

It has been a long, long time since the Chromatics came out with an album. A little more than seven years ago, the bleary, cinematic synthpop atmosphere-conjurers released their grand, moving opus Kill For Love. Ever since, they’ve been promising Dear Tommy, their long-awaited and much-anticipated follow-up. Chromatics shared a Dear Tommy tracklist way back in 2014, and they’ve continually teased and delayed the album, while releasing a slow drip of one-off singles. (The last one, a cover of Jackson C. Frank’s “I Want To Be Alone,” came out in August.) So it’s pretty amazing that we’re about to get a new Chromatics album. It’s just not Dear Tommy.

Tonight, at midnight, Chromatics will release a new album called Closer To Grey. We only know that there’s a new album coming out because it’s already out in New Zealand. The band did not announce Closer ahead of time. Most of the songs on the album are new, or at least unreleased, but the group released the title track in 2014.

This release raises a lot of questions, but right now, we should probably just delight in the sudden appearance of a new Chromatics album. Check out the tracklist below.

01 “The Sound Of Silence’
02 “You’re No Good”
03 “Closer To Grey”
04 “Twist The Knife”
05 “Light As A Feather”
06 “Move A Mountain”
07 “Touch Red”
08 “Through The Looking Glass”
09 “Whispers In The Hall”
10 “On The Wall”
11 “Love Theme From Closer To Grey”
12 “Wishing Well”

Closer To Grey is out tomorrow on Italians Do It Better.

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