Stream Gesaffelstein’s Novo Sonic System EP

Today is absolutely lousy with great new albums — more great new albums, I’d argue, than we got in the entire month of September. It’s a lot to process. A lot of really great records will probably be lost in the shuffle. But if you’ve got 17 minutes to spare in your busy listening session, you might want to give a shot to the new Gesaffelstein EP. It slaps pretty hard.

Gesaffelstein is the French dance producer who made a whole lot of grand, apocalyptic synth sounds on the 2013 album Aleph. After that, Gesaffelstein started collaborating with big stars, doing production work for people like Kanye West, the Weeknd, and A$AP Rocky. He didn’t get around to releasing another album of his own until earlier this year, when he dropped the sophomore LP Hyperion. That album had plenty of guest stars of its own: Pharrell, HAIM, the aforementioned Weeknd. So it’s cool to see Gesaffelstein getting back to just releasing instrumental bangers that sound like the moment in the ’80s movie where nuclear war is about to break out.

Gesaffelstein is putting out the six-song EP Novo Sonic System in conjunction with a North American tour that’ll be kicking off next month, and I imagine that it’ll be cool to hear these tracks in some big rooms. But they will also sound cool in your car, or on headphones, or playing in the background while you try to escape from deadly cyborgs. Stream the EP below.

The Novo Sonic System EP is out now on Columbia.