Guerilla Toss – “Future Doesn’t Know”

On their new EP What Would The Odd Do?, the art-rock experimentalists Guerilla Toss are addressing the opioid crisis from a deeply personal angle. Upon the release of lead single “Plants,” Kassie Carlson opened up about the addiction that resulted in open-heart surgery to remove a blood clot. “Statistically, women are more likely to hide addiction and keep feelings inside, making it potentially much more festering and toxic,” she wrote. “Drugs affect people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, class or gender. Addiction hits us all, and it hits hard.”

Today the band shares the EP’s second single, “Future Doesn’t Know.” It’s one of the poppiest songs Guerilla Toss have ever released, yet still fried and off-kilter, like Deerhoof if they were video game characters. At Flood, Carlson calls it “a song about the personification of the future, and finding your own truth.” She continues, “So often we look to others for the meaning of life or what to do next, but really the only answer is within.”

Listen below.

What Would The Odd Do? is out 10/18 on NNA Tapes. Pre-order it here.