Jennifer Vanilla – “Erase The Time” Video

Last month, former Ava Luna member Becca Kauffman released an excellent new track as her alter ego Jennifer Vanilla, “Space Time Motion,” which landed on our list of the best songs of the week. The J​.​E​.​N​.​N​.​I​.​F​.​E​.​R. EP that the song’s on is out at the end of the week, and today Kauffman is sharing its B-side “Erase The Time.”

Just like its flipside, it’s goofy fun but also eminently danceable, a confectionary of slick grooves and breathy intonations, including an acrostic of her own name (“J stands for join me/ E is for everybody/ N is for never before…”). Its music video, directed by Lisa Bass, is a surprisingly elaborate dance sequence that takes place in Times Square using a mixture of live cam and traditional shots. Watch and listen below.

The J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP is out 10/18 via Beats In Space Records. Pre-order it here.