Coldplay – “Orphans” Video

Earlier this week, after a whole lot of advance teasing, Coldplay finally announced that their purportedly “experimental” new double album Everyday Life, their first LP in four years, is set to arrive next month. And yesterday, they shared two new singles from the LP, “Orphans” and “Arabesque.” And since they’re apparently doing everything in fast-forward, Coldplay have now unveiled the video for “Orphans.”

Of the two new Coldplay singles, “Orphans” is definitely the catchier. It’s also maybe the first Coldplay song ever about getting drunk with your friends, which is a thing that many people around the world do while listening to Coldplay. (It’s been a long, long time since I’ve gotten drunk with friends while listening to Coldplay, but I’m pretty sure it’s happened.) So it makes sense that “Orphans” gets the video.

Director Mat Whitecross has thrown a lot of things at the wall with this one: Trippy projections, a rotating room, snapping from black-and-white to color, footage of Chris Martin busking, dancing, fast editing. It looks a lot like an early-’90s music video, from before the era when music videos had to have concepts. Check it out below.

Everyday Life is out 11/22 on Parlophone/Atlantic.