The Innocence Mission – “On Your Side”

Last year, the Lancaster folk band the Innocence Mission released a new album, Sun On The Square, their first album in three years, and early next year they’ll be back with another full-length, See You Tomorrow. Today they’re sharing “On Your Side,” a lovely and understated track about how those who have passed on still live beside us. “In my dream, I would be in Paris with my mom,” Karen Peris sings. “In cafes she would sip coffee, she would be smiling on/ She’d say, ‘I have never let you out of my sight. I have not gone.'” Listen below.

01 “The Brothers Williams Said”
02 “On Your Side”
03 “Movie”
04 “We Don’t Know How To Say Why”
05 “St. Francis And The Future”
06 “At Lake Maureen
07 “John As Well”
08 “This Boat”
09 “Mary Margaret In Mid-Air”
10 “Stars That Fall Away From Us”
11 “I Would Be There”

See You Tomorrow is out 1/17. Pre-order it here.