Prince Memoir Reveals He Hated Ed Sheeran And Katy Perry’s Music

Before his death in 2016, Prince had started work on a memoir with co-writer and Paris Review editor Dan Piepenbring. And after Prince died, Piepenbring went about finishing the book, using the time he’d spent with Prince and combining it with lyrics, rare photos, scrapbook pages, and cartoons drawn by Prince. That book, entitled The Beautiful Ones, hits stores today. It includes at least a little bit of valuable information on the then-current pop music that prince hated.

The Guardian has a new profile on Dan Piepenbring. It’s mostly about how Piepenbring got involved in this project, though it also include a few nice little tidbits about Prince, including the fact that he was a great driver who used turn signals well. And the profile also notes one of the opinions that Prince expresses in the book: “We need to tell them that they keep trying to ram Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran down our throats and we don’t like it no matter how many times they play it.”

After death, Prince would get his wish. Ed Sheeran is still a big-selling pop star, but it’s not like the songs from No. 6 Collaborations Project are inescapable. Meanwhile, Katy Perry’s recent singles have barely made a ripple on the charts. Sadly, we will never know what Prince would’ve thought of Lil Nas X or Billie Eilish. (We do know that he liked Lizzo, though.)

The Beautiful Ones is out today via Spiegel & Grau.