Hear Integrity & Bleach Everything Pay Tribute To Septic Death & Rocket From The Crypt On New Split EP

Hear Integrity & Bleach Everything Pay Tribute To Septic Death & Rocket From The Crypt On New Split EP

Back in the ’80s, the notorious visual artist known as Pushead led Septic Death, a cultishly beloved band of hardcore extremists from Boise. Septic Death didn’t exactly have a huge audience at the time, but they’ve proven influential on later generations of bands that combined hardcore and metal in ways as ugly as possible. Rocket From The Crypt, meanwhile, did find a pretty huge audience. The San Diego garage-punk warriors toured hard for years, spent time on a major-label roster, and stayed together for years. They officially broke up in 2005, but they still get back together to play shows sometimes.

In 1992, Septic Death and Rocket From The Crypt put out a split double 7″. It was limited to 100 copies and only available in Japan. Today, a new release pays tribute to both bands. It’s a split EP from Integrity, the legendary-in-their-own-right Cleveland hardcore expressionists who last gave us the absolutely sick 2017 album Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume, and Bleach Everything, a band of hardcore and punk scene vets from Richmond, Virginia.

On the new split EP, Integrity cover five old Septic Death songs, though “cover” might be the wrong word. According to a press release, Integrity’s Dwid Hellion and Dom Romeo have layered guttural, ominous voice and guitar sounds over old Septic Death songs. Meanwhile, Bleach Everything have done straight-up covers of five Rocket From The Crypt songs, including the singalong classic “On A Rope.” Power Trip’s Riley Gale, the All-American Rejects’ Mike Kennerty, and This Will Destroy You’s Christopher Royal King all contribute. Stream the record below.

That split EP is out now on Dark Operative.

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