Watch The Hold Steady Play “Meet Me In The Lobby,” Their Theme For Seth Meyers’ New Netflix Comedy Special

Seth Meyers has always been a huge fan and supporter of the Hold Steady. It’s one of the coolest things about him. Meyers has booked the Hold Steady as musical guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers a bunch of times over the years — most recently in September, shortly after they released the new album Thrashing Thru The Passion. He’s even booked multiple Craig Finn solo performances. And now he’s gotten the Hold Steady to write the theme song to his Netflix special.

Yesterday, Netflix shared Meyers’ new stand-up special Lobby Baby — so titled, as Meyers explains, because his son was born in an apartment building lobby. And last night, Meyers once again introduced the Hold Steady as Late Night musical guests, calling them his “favorite band” and explaining that they’d be performing “Meet Me In The Lobby,” a song that they’d written specifically for the Netflix special. (It’s probably safe to assume that the title is a reference to both the Strokes song “Meet Me In The Lobby” and the Lizzy Goodman book Meet Me In The Bathroom.)

“Meet Me In The Lobby,” which the Hold Steady have not released and which I don’t think they’d played live before yesterday, is a classic Hold Steady rager. It’s got triumphant guitar riffage, soaring backup vocals, a lovely little piano breakdown, and plenty of room for Craig Finn gesticulations. And while I can never tell this sort of thing without a lyric sheet in front of me, I think it might be written from the perspective of the baby? Watch the performance, as well as a trailer for Lobby Baby, below.

Lobby Baby is streaming now on Netflix, and you can watch it here. The self-released Thrashing Thru The Passion is also out now, and you can stream it here. Can Craig Finn get his own Netflix special now? He would crush that.