Stream Have A Nice Life’s New Album Sea Of Worry

Stream Have A Nice Life’s New Album Sea Of Worry

The small staff here at Stereogum listens to a whole lot of music, but sometimes we miss stuff. For instance: Greet Death’s album New Hell. That thing kicks ass! We had no idea! But people in the comments section were riding for it, so we listened to it and figured out that yes, you’re right, it’s great. And now, on the very same day, the same thing is going on with the new Have A Nice Life album.

Have A Nice Life are a duo from Connecticut who make a heavy, meditative, hard-to-characterize kind of music. It’s got bits and pieces of post-punk, drone, and shoegaze, and the songs don’t sound anything like the other songs, though they all fit together beautifully. Have A Nice Life have been around since 2000, but they don’t record often; their last album was 2014’s The Unnatural World. But from what I am now reading on the internet, that LP has built up a fervent cult following over the past five years. Also, Lil Peep sampled their song “A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut” on his track “Shiver.”

Today, Have A Nice Life have come out with Sea Of Worry, their third album. On first listen, it’s really, really good — an intense and blurry meditation on depression and alienation. Thanks to everyone who said we should check it out. Stream it below.

Sea Of Worry is out now on the Flenser. Please do not take this post as an invitation to plug your shitty band or your friend’s shitty band in the comments section.

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