Andy Shauf – “Try Again” Video

Andy Shauf’s upcoming The Neon Skyline is a concept album about a guy who goes to his local dive bar, hears his ex is back in town, and inevitably runs into her. Our first sample of that storyline was “Things I Do,” which flashes back on the relationship’s demise. Today we get to further piece together the narrative with the release of a second single, “Try Again.”

The lyrics to this one read like a short story: “Somewhere between drunkenness and chivalry, I hold the door open and let her pass through. She says thanks to me in a British accent and I try to answer her in the same voice. She laughs at me, says ‘What was that supposed to be?’ I say ‘I’m sorry, I’m from a different part of the country.’ She says ‘Come on baby, try again.'” This encounter and others is set to a vibrant retro pop-rock arrangement the likes of which Shauf has become known for.

It’s really quite pretty, and so is its fun animated video, directed by Gérald Fleury and Timo Hateau of Mizotte & Cabécou. The directors explain, “Rather than illustrating the storyline, we imagined our own offbeat tale like a parallel to the song. Design, motion, colors and atmosphere are influenced by the pop and childish dream world of ’70s French animation (Chapi Chapo, The Magic Roundabout).”

Come on, baby, watch below.

The Neon Skyline is out 1/24 on Anti. Pre-order it here.