Upset – “Lucky Strikes Out”

Next week, Upset are putting out their self-titled sophomore album, the Los Angeles band’s first new material since 2015’s ’76 EP. We highlighted its lead single “Tried & True” last month, and today they’re releasing another song from it, “Lucky Strikes Out.”

It’s an invigorating three-minute story song that fits in the disappointment of a hookup flaming out and the subsequent decision to dig yourself deeper into despair by lighting up a cigarette, before twisting around into a rom-com-style happy ending. That’s all delivered with the infectious chorus: “I lit a Strike and struck a match, my Lucky Strikes and a heart attack/ With any luck, I’ve met my match.”

Listen below.

Also here’s another song from the album, “Holy Basil”:

Upset is out 11/22 via Lauren Records. Pre-order it here.

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