Jhené Aiko – “None Of Your Concern” (Feat. Big Sean) Video

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are currently monetizing the shit out of their breakup. The R&B singer and rapper were a couple for a while, and they worked together under the name Twenty88. Jhené Aiko got a giant tattoo of Big Sean’s face and then got it covered up after they split up earlier this year; it was a whole thing. And in May, Aiko released “Triggered (Freestyle),” which sure sounded like a Big Sean diss song, though she insisted that it wasn’t that. Today, Aiko has actually collaborated once more with Big Sean on the breakup-themed duet “None Of Your Concern.”

“None Of Your Concern” is a weird song. It’s very much within Aiko’s breathy, airy R&B lane, and it’s mostly Aiko going through the mental stages of a breakup, landing finally on anger: “Get your bitch ass off of my phone, please leave me alone / I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone.” And then, when the song seems like it’s over, Big Sean shows up doing some wistful and bitter sing-rapping: “I made you cum nine times in one day / Your two lips should come in a vase, you rode my face.”

In the video, Aiko and Sean both spend time in a tropical paradise, staring longingly into the distance. They’re never onscreen together. Watch it below.

“None Of Your Concern” is out now on the streaming services.