Foreseen – “Wide Awake Nightmare”

Foreseen come from Helsinki, and they make a rabidly fast, ugly, lo-fi version of old-school crossover thrash. It’s dirty, ugly, violent music — the kind of thing that grabs you by your entrails and then throws you through a wall. Finland has a long and proud history of this kind of feral fight music, and right now, Foreseen rank right up there with fellow Finns Kohti Tuhoa on the fuck-you-up meter.

Today, Foreseen are coming out with a new two-song 7″. We already posted the first of those songs, the absolute shit-ripper “Infiltrator.” Today, we get to hear the other one. “Wide Awake Nightmare” is somehow three and a half minutes long, even though it’s so fast that it seems like it cannot possibly be three and a half minutes long. If you slowed this thing down to a regular speed, it would probably take up a whole LP side. It’s an insane blitzkrieg of riffs and squealy solos and extremely angry yelling. I like it so much! Listen to it below!

The “Infiltrator” b/w “Wide Awake Nightmare” 7″ is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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