Watch Kacey Musgraves Debut Her New Holiday Song “Glittery” On Fallon

After the monster success of her great 2018 album Golden Hour, the glammy country queen Kacey Musgraves is taking a well-deserved victory lap and preparing to release a damn Christmas special. Last night, Musgraves was on The Tonight Show to talk about the whole experience, saying that it would be “my take on the old-school Judy Garland/Cher Christmas show kind of thing, brought to life in a modern way.” Musgraves sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon — her first-ever late-night sit-down — and talked about trying not to laugh while doing comedy bits and singing with Willie Nelson at the CMAs. (Fallon showed an old clip of a Musgraves, as a kind, singing “The Rainbow Connection.” It was cute.)

And Musgraves also sang a new song! On the Christmas special, which will be on Amazon Prime next week, she sings with fellow stars like Lana Del Rey and Camila Cabello, and she’ll sing the new song “Glittery” with Troye Sivan. Last night, she performed it live for the first time. It’s a gooey, mellow holiday-centric love song, and she wore it while wearing an extremely sparkly suit, surrounded by pink Christmas presents. Check out the performance, the interview, and that throwback clip below.

Musgraves was on the show alongside Dolly Parton, the woman who wrote the book on being a glammy country icon. Musgraves enthused about a visit to Dollywood, and Parton, who has her own streaming-TV endeavors, chattered charmingly, talking about how Jolene looks now and the people who follow down the street attempting to smell her. She also sang an impromptu “9 To 5″ with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. Here’s the Dolly Parton interview.

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show will debut 11/29 on Amazon Prime.