Livestream Kanye West’s Nebuchadnezzar – An Opera

Kanye West’s first-ever “opera” is debuting today at the Hollywood Bowl, right on the heels of his Christian rap album Jesus Is King. It’s called Nebuchadnezzar, named after the Babylonian King, and the event was directed by performance artist Vanessa Beecroft and the performers include Peter Collins, Infinity’s Song, and Kanye’s own Sunday Service collective.

“West conceived of this opera as an expression of his commitment to both his faith and ever-expanding musical palette,” a statement shared earlier this week expands. “Nebuchadnezzar brings together elements from different worlds, including opera, fine art, modern dance, and gospel music, to create an innovative performance structure. West’s sound is the bridge between these artforms.”

The debut of Nebuchadnezzar is being livestreamed through TIDAL. It’s supposed to start at 4PM PT/7PM ET. Members can watch the stream below.

Sheck Wes starred as the titular king. Watch some clips: