Watch Brittany Howard’s Enormously Entertaining Kimmel Performance

A couple of months ago, Alabama Shakes huge-voiced leader Brittany Howard released Jaime, her tremendous and genre-blurring solo debut. And since that LP came out, Howard has been having a real extended star-is-born moment. Alabama Shakes were already an enormously popular band, of course, and anyone who ever saw them knows that Howard is an absolute force as a singer. But on the Jaime promo tour, she’s been stepping out and showing the world that she’s a born entertainer as well. She did that once again on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Howard, the musical guest on last night’s Kimmel, did everything she could with her four and a half minutes of screen time. She was on the show to sing “History Repeats,” the tough, funky single from Jaime. She did that about as well as it could be done. She also stretched out the song and used it to project a whole lot more personality than we usually see in late-night musical-guest performances.

Case in point: Howard introduced her whole band before the song even got going. Then she interacted with them all through the song. She whooped and ad-libbed. She broke the fourth wall, revealing the true nature of the Kimmel outdoor festival stage: “Everybody in this parking lot! Everybody in TV land!” She just kicked ass. Watch it below.

Jaime is out now on ATO.