Watch Big Thief Play “Not” & “Cattails” Live In Studio

Watch Big Thief Play “Not” & “Cattails” Live In Studio

All around Al Gore’s internet, you will find many, many videos of bands playing their songs in various live-in-studio settings. We at Stereogum do not usually post those videos. But right now, Big Thief are the exceptions to a whole lot of rules.

Big Thief have had a tremendous 2019. They’ve released two great albums, U.F.O.F. and Two Hands. They’ve transformed their already-vital live show into something legendary. And through sheer visceral intensity, they’ve had memorable moments even in places as sterile as a late-night TV soundstage. So when Big Thief drop a couple of those live-in-studio videos, those videos are worth your time.

This morning, Big Thief shared videos of themselves playing the Two Hands tracks “Not” and “Cattails” live in Brooklyn’s Bunker Studios. They play the hell out of those songs, and it’s a blast to see their ESP-level interplay in just about every situation. The “Not” video is especially ferocious; Adrianne Lenker’s voice goes full raw-nerve hardcore growl at one point. Watch both videos below.

Two Hands is out now on 4AD. Read our Cover Story feature on Big Thief here.

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