Squirrel Flower – “Headlights” Video

In January, Ella O’Connor Williams will release her first full-length under the name Squirrel Flower. It’s called I Was Born Swimming, and we’ve already heard one track from it — the slow-burn surge of “Red Shoulder.” Today, she’s back with another one, “Headlights.”

“Headlights” is a sparse, meditative track, primarily driven by Williams’ vocals and flickering guitar notes. It’s a misty composition that sounds like the kind of headspace you enter while in transit, on a journey between things that might be meaningless or might turn out to be momentous. Turns out, that’s the kind of place Williams was in when she wrote it. Here’s what she had to say about the track:

“Headlights” takes place in a moment of solitary reflection; a glance back and a glance forward. I wrote it on tour driving through the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts in some heavy fog. Suddenly I was aware of the space the car was plummeting through, both physical and temporal.

The song comes with a video directed by Bao Ngo, who described it as being “inspired by cheesy, classic imagery of actors riding in cars through LA — evoking glamor and sunshine.” While still trying to capture that old Hollywood vibe, Ngo and Williams transposed that iconography to a cold Massachusetts day, moving closer to the autumnal mood of “Headlights.” Check it out below.

I Was Born Swimming is out 1/31 on Polyvinyl/Full Time Hobby. Pre-order it here.