George Clanton & Nick Hexum – “Out Of The Blue”

The unlikely collaboration continues! The young vaporwave producer George Clanton has always been vocal about his love of the band 311, and back in September, Clanton and 311 co-leader Nick Hexum got together and released two songs, “Crash Pad” and “King For A Day.” Those two tracks were way more awesome than anyone could’ve predicted. Since then, Clanton and Hexum have performed together, and they’ve teamed up on another single called “Under Your Window.” Today, they’ve got one more brand-new track.

On the new jam “Out Of The Blue,” the duo once again finds that same chemistry. Hexum singing about a teenage memory when cops pulled him over and he had weed in his glove compartment. His voice, floats confidently over a gooey, nostalgic synth track from Clanton. The song has an actual beat, which isn’t always the case with vaporwave, and it suits Hexum nicely. Listen below.

Talking to Flood, Hexum says:

The way these songs came together is he would send me a track, and then I would put it on repeat in the evening and strap on my guitar and let my fingers wander until they stumbled onto something really interesting. Then I would record it properly the next day and send it back to him, and he would twist it and turn it and make it better. Collaborating with George has been a fun and easy process and I’m super excited for people to hear this!…

George has influenced me to conjure nostalgia sonically, so the lyrics that his tracks inspire tend to look back to innocent times.

Clanton and Hexum’s “Under Your Window” b/w “Out Of The Blue” 7″ is out mid-December on 100% Electronica, and you can pre-order it here.