Moses Sumney – “Polly”

Next year, Moses Sumney will release the much-anticipated new double album græ. The work will arrive in two installments, with the first arriving in February and the completion coming in May. A few weeks ago, Sumney shared the bugged-out, self-directed video for “Virile,” his ambitious art-rocker of a first single. Today, he shares another song that goes in a very different direction.

The new song “Polly” is not a Nirvana cover. It’s an acoustic song about a confused, ambiguous sexual relationship. Sumney sings in a high, raspy R&B tenor over impressionistic acoustic guitars, with harmonies layering up around him. On the song, envisions his own sugary disappearance: “I want to be cotton candy / In the mouth of many a lover / Saccharine and slick technicolor, I’ll dissolve.” He also pleads with a partner for something like clarity: “Am I just your Friday dick?”

Sumney has shared a lyric video for a song where he just stares into a grainy web camera, sort of acting out the lyrics to the song and sort of reacting to them. Check it out below.

græ part one is out in February, and the full album is coming 5/15 via Jagjaguwar.

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