Bacchae – “Leave Town”

The Washington, DC-based band Bacchae have a 2016 demo, a 2017 tape, Down The Drain, and a 2018 self-titled EP to their name so far, and next year they’re releasing a full-length album called Pleasure Vision. “Everything Ugly,” the track they shared back in May, is on it, as is their new single “Leave Home.” It’s their new album’s breathless and fiery opening track, an emphatic chant of “Tell you/ Get out/ Tell you/ Leave town,” leading up to a furious breakdown. Listen to it below.

01 “Leave Town”
02 “Stop Looking”
03 “Hammer”
04 “Say How You Feel”
05 “Older I Get”
06 “Life Online”
07 “Turns Me”
08 “Open Wound”
09 “Everything Ugly”
10 “See It Coming”
11 “Losing War”

Pleasure Vision is out in March via Get Better Records.

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