Bacchae – “Everything Ugly”

Last year, Bacchae released their impressive self-titled EP, an energetic blend of fizzy pop-punk hooks and crooked smiles. Today, the Washington, DC band is back with a new single, “Everything Ugly,” a song about trying to tamp down insecurities and not let them take over your entire life.

“All my exes: having children/ Getting married, buying homes,” Katie McD sings on it. “I can’t even keep a promise/ How do people fall in love?.” The repeated refrain of “But I swear I’m doing fine” is frayed at the edge, but that’s all packaged in a song that manages to find some light, in a earworm of a keyboard part and in those declarative proclamations, and rise above the existential dread.

Listen below.

“Everything Ugly” is out now via Get Better Records.

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