See Jennifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin In The First Respect Teaser

Jennifer Hudson has been making the press rounds in support of the apparently horrifying film adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats, which opens today. It might be in her best interest to detract attention from that film, in which case she’s fortunate to have the first teaser for a completely different Jennifer Hudson movie dropping today.

Hudson is playing Aretha Franklin in the biopic Respect, directed by Liesl Tommy, which has been in the works since before Franklin’s death in 2018. It’s not coming out until Oct. 9, 2020, but the initial teaser is out there to give us our first taste of Hudson in character as the Queen Of Soul. In the 45-second clip, she mostly just glamorously vamps through her signature song in a set piece that probably isn’t even in the movie. Does it make me want to see the movie, though? It does. Consider me teased.

Watch below.

Respect hits theaters on 10/9/20.